We offer you the opportunity to practice archery in a friendly and fun spirit in different forms and for all occasions: birthdays, outings with friends or family, community, business.

Archery is accessible to all and can be practiced from 5 years old.

The equipment is adapted according to the size of the archer. Small bows (58 inches) for ages 5 to 8, medium ones (62 inches) for young people and large ones (68 inches) for adults.

The distance is adapted to the level. Beginners start at a short distance (8 m or 6 m for very young children). The distance can increase depending on the level or by challenging yourself to go up to 20m. To confirm them, archers can shoot up to the Olympic shooting range (70m).

You shoot at an 80cm target face.

At the start of the session, I explain safety and shooting technique to you so you can be successful quickly. Then I put balloons on you and play individual or team games to add fun and pleasure to practicing archery.

Of course, throughout the session, I will give you all the explanations to progress.

The session lasts 1 hour. 8 euros for children aged 16 and 10 euros for those aged 16 and over.